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What is the lifespan of my MeLuna?


Depending on appropriate use and maintenance, MeLuna have shown in a wear test that they can withstand a minimum of 3 years of wear. Excessive exposure to UV rays will cause MeLuna to get brittle, which is why it should be kept out of the sun.


How long can I wear the MeLuna for?


MeLuna cups should be removed, emptied and cleaned at a minimum every 8-12 hours.

I have a tilted uterus can I still use a Me Luna® menstrual cup?

Most women with a tilted uterus use a Me Luna® menstrual cup with no issues however the style of the cup you select depends on how tilted your uterus is. 

The cup fits lower so it all depends on your vaginal canal and cervix position. If you

have a lower cervix or a shorter vaginal canal a shorty is recommended. 

Here are a few tips

-Insert your cup a little lower. 
-If your uterus, and therefore your cervix, is tilted, your cup still should be able to seal properly below the cervix in your vaginal canal and catch your flow with no problems!
-Trim the stem or choose a ring end (easier to use and many women say its sits more comfortable) .
-Give it time. 
If you experience leaks at first, keep trying your cup at different angles! Even if it does not work quite right at first, most women are able to adjust and use a menstrual cup easily after just a few tries!

I am currently using a copper IUD or a hormonal IUD for contraception. Can I use a MeLuna?


In principle, yes. However if the string has not been cut short, be careful whenever you use MeLuna. The string should not be allowed to get stuck between the MeLuna and your vaginal wall. It should remain inside the MeLuna cup. If you want to use MeLuna and an IUD, shortening of the string is recommended. Also please break the seal by squeezing the cup bottom before removing the cup. As always please consult your gynaecologist for further input.


I am a virgin. Can I use MeLuna?


Yes, you can. But please keep in mind that your hymen may tear.


Can I use my MeLuna as a contraceptive?


No, absolutely not! MeLuna is not an effective contraceptive device


Can I wear my MeLuna when I have sex?


No, absolutely not! Wearing the MeLuna during sex can lead to internal injuries


I would like to return or exchange my MeLuna. What are the return policies?


Since the MeLuna is a personal hygiene product no returns are possible .


In the event that you may have accidentally ordered the wrong style/size/model we can however accommodate you as long as the package has not been opened: NO REFUNDS. Our team are trained to recommend a size depending on answers they receive, however they are not responsible if for any reason you are unhappy with the size or style.


If you are unable to use your first MeLuna cup choice, please do contact us for troubleshooting.


Questions about the material of MeLuna


What is my MeLuna made of and how is it produced?


Contrary to popular belief medical grade TPE is not a lower priced or 'lower value' raw material than medical grade silicone. It is in fact very comparable in all of these aspects to silicone. There are a few differences in the material’s properties that made us choose TPE over silicone for our cups:


TPE has a lower incidence of causing an allergic reaction than silicone.

TPE is also a very pliable material that readily conforms to its surroundings for an even more custom feel for the wearer. You may find that over time your TPE cup becomes a bit more oval in shape after adjusting to its wearer’s shape. This is nothing to worry about. The cup will again conform to your shape the next time you wear it. If you ever would like to return the cup to its original completely round shape, simply boil the cup in hot water.




I have a latex allergy. Can I use MeLuna?


Yes, you can. MeLuna is not made from latex, but from TPE.


Is it possible to have an allergic reaction against MeLuna?


The raw material of MeLuna, TPE, does not contain any proteins, PVC, latex or silicone. Thus, an allergic reaction is highly unlikely

MeLuna seems very complicated to handle, will I be able to do it?


Only patience and practice are required. After one or two menstrual cycles you will have mastered the handling of your MeLuna.



My MeLuna leaks. What can I do?


Are you using the right size? The largest diameter has to seal the vagina to prevent leaking. If the cup is too small, it will not sit tight enough. Does the cup unfold inside the vagina? If not, your MeLuna is probably too large for you. Please note that in case the wrong size has been ordered we are unable to send a cup for free. Our team are trained to recommend a size depending on answers they receive, however they are not responsible if for any reason you are unhappy with the size or style.


Help! I can not remove the MeLuna!


Using a menstrual cup is very unfamiliar for many. Some users have problems, to remove the cup during the first attempts. Please take enough time and keep calm. Our pelvic muscles can unfortunately respond by tensing up to mental stress. That does not make things easier. Go into a squatting/sitting position. Try to press the menstrual cup outward gently by using your pelvic floor muscles (like a bowel movement). After several attempts, removal will be as easy as the insertion. 


What are safe lubricants to use with the MeLuna?


Lubricants can be used to simplify insertion. Since MeLuna is not made from silicone, the material itself should not be affected by silicone-based lubricants or fats and oils unlike other menstrual cups made from silicone or latex for which oil based or silicone based lubricants are not recommended. However the concern is that the oils can not be completely removed from the cup before disinfecting it by boiling. If oil is present during heat disinfection -especially in the microwave- it could damage the MeLuna cup.



I don't like the way the handle feels. Can I turn the MeLuna inside out?


Please do NOT turn the MeLuna inside out. Pointing the handle towards your cervix can result in injury and is not a safe way to use your menstrual cup. The MeLuna is also molded in its original shape and turning the cup inside out will result in a reduced lifespan due to the strain on the material. If you wish you may remove the handle, following the instructions on our Instagram and Youtube channels.


My MeLuna is smelly!


Unpleasant odours can be prevented. MeLuna should be removed every 8 to 12 hours. Some users have reported temporary changes of smell, which are likely due to various proteins in the blood. A menstrual cup may suddenly assume a different smell, although it has been cleaned as usual. Usually odours disappear when you place your disinfected MeLuna in a dry, well-ventilated place for several days.

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