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Inserting Me Luna® Cup

Before the first use, your Me Luna® should be sterilized for about 3 minutes in plenty of boiling water. It should also be sterilized between periods. During menstruation, after emptying the cup it can be cleaned by wiping with toilet paper or paper towel, or rinsing with running water. It can be reinserted immediately.
Make sure to only change Me Luna® with clean hands!

To insert a menstrual cup, it must be folded. After insertion it unfolds inside the vagina, forming a seal. There are many variations of folds, and you will find the one most comfortable for you. Here are three common folds as examples, but there are many more. It's best to make sure that some air remains in the cup when it is folded - when Me Luna® is inserted the vaginal walls press on it from the outside, so Me Luna® can only unfold fully if there's some air inside it.

Hold the cup firmly folded and insert it, folded edge first, entirely into the vagina. This can be done while sitting on the toilet, standing, or squatting - find the position that's most comfortable for you. If insertion is difficult, a water-based lubricant can help.
You will find the best position of Me Luna® for your body with a bit of practice. Some women prefer to place it further up and close to the cervix, while others prefer if it lower, nearer the vaginal opening. Me Luna® should not be placed too close to the entrance of the vagina, as it might make sitting uncomfortable.


Correct placement of the menstrual cup

To prevent leakage, after the insertion check whether the menstrual cup has "popped open" correctly. You can do this by turning the cup, or by running a finger around the cup's rim.
It's possible that Me Luna® may change its position slightly during wear, due to the movement of the vaginal muscles. This does not affect functionality or comfort.

Removing the Me-Luna menstrual Cup
Wash your hands thoroughly.
Get into a comfortable position (many women find that squatting works well). Use your pelvic floor muscles to move Me Luna® towards the vaginal opening. When you can feel the bottom of the Me Luna® with your fingers, gently pull the handle to move it closer. Next, squeeze the bottom of the Me Luna® cup to release any pressure around the rim.
Do not just pull the Me Luna® out by its stem or ring - the handle is there to get a better grip, not to pull the cup out. For removal you must also squeeze the bottom of the cup, and use your pelvic floor muscles to move the cup down.
It is important to understand that it takes some practice to change Me Luna® easily. Stay calm and relaxed.

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