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Cleaning cup with lid made of polypropylene (PP) - Microwave safe.

This disinfectant container has been specially developed for your Me Luna® menstruation cups.


Ø 60 mm
Height: 86 mm

Content: 150ml with scaling 75ml and for 100ml

Delivery quantity: 1 piece incl. Lid

How do I use the disinfectant cup?

Disinfecting cup using the microwave:
Please place your Me Luna® with the opening in the top of the disinfectant cup and fill it slowly with approx. 100ml of water. The Me Luna® should be completely submerged in the water. Place the lid on it. Now place the beaker in the microwave oven. The watts of your microwave to be adjusted depending on the model. The water must boil to achieve the necessary disinfecting effect. In case of doubt, please refer to the operating instructions for your microwave oven. Most customers use the middle Watts for approximately 3 - 5 minutes. If the lid is not closed properly the steam can escape at any time.


  • Please note - The disinfecting cup becomes very hot due to the temperature of the water. When removing the disinfectant cup, please take appropriate protective measures (potholes, gloves) for your hands. In case of doubt, leave the beaker and its contents in a microwave.
  • If your microwave oven has an additional grill function, please make sure it is NOT activated during the cooking process ! Due to the strong heat from above, the cup can melt!



TIP: If you want to transport the cup and the Me Luna® together, simply place both in the Me Luna® storage bag . This keeps the lid on the cup and the Me Luna® is properly stored, as the air can only be replaced by the loose lid.

Me Luna® Cleaning Cup