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The Me Luna® Sport is recommended for:

  • women whose athletic fitness is above average, or who have well-toned pelvic floor muscles from sports and exercise particularly yoga, horse riding, pilates, weight training, kegel exercises and pole dancing.
  • women who are slim, of normal physical fitness, under 25 and have not given birth (you can generally assume that your pelvic floor muscles are still in tip-top shape)
  • women with normal muscle tone who like a menstrual cup to unfold easily and quickly.


Size XL is commonly used by:

  • more mature women, over 30 years of age
  • women who only use large tampons
  • women who have heavy periods
  • women who have had children
  • women who use large tampons and still have to change them frequently
  • women with weak pelvic floor muscles

This size is rarely used by:

  • very young women
  • women who have not had children
  • women who only use small and regular tampons
  • women with light to medium periods

This size may be unsuitable if:

  • you are still a virgin
  • your cervix lies very low during menstruation
  • you only use small tampons
  • you have a prolapsed uterus

Sport XL

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