Ingenious and space-saving!

Foldable disinfection cup with lid for your Me Luna® menstrual cup.
Made of food-safe, microwave-safe silicone. Can also be used as a drinking cup, for example during outdoor activities!

Dimensions folded: diameter 80mm / height 20mm

Dimensions unfolded: diameter above 80mm / diameter below 40mm / height 85mm

Contents 225ml.

Delivery quantity: 1 piece including lid

How do I use the disinfection cup?

Please put your Me Luna® in the disinfection cup and fill it with approx. 200 ml of water. The wattage to be set for your microwave depends on the model. The water has to boil in order to achieve the necessary disinfection effect. If in doubt, please refer to the operating instructions for your microwave oven. Most customers use the medium level / wattage for a time of 3 - 5 minutes.

You can, but don't have to, close the lid of the disinfection beaker.

The disinfection beaker has become very hot as a result of the warming up of the water. Please take suitable protective measures (pot holders, oven gloves) for your hands when removing the disinfection cup. If in doubt, let the mug and its contents cool in the microwave.


Important NOTE

This cleaning cup has been specially developed for use in the microwave.

The metal edge consists of uncoated pure stainless steel.

It is often pointed out that metal should not be used in a microwave. That's not quite true. The entire interior of a microwave is made of metal. However, you should never put thin metallic foils or cutlery and dishes with metallic decorations (including gold decorations on plates) in the microwave, as these can melt! In the worst case, the microwave oven can even be damaged.
However, you should be careful with your pots, pans and other vessels, as you cannot be sure how massive the material is or which other metals have been used. Aluminum is absolutely taboo

Me Luna® travel cleaning cup (silicone)