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What is the Me Luna® NUPSi?

  • The NUPSi is a flexible rod, made from the same material as the Me Luna® menstrual cup. You can use the NUPSi to extend the handle of your Me Luna® Ring menstrual cup by attaching it to the ring.
  • It helps inexperienced users achieve a safer and more comfortable removal of the menstrual cup.
  • NUPSi bends into any position and makes using it extremely easy.
  • NUPSi can be shortened according to your personal needs. With a pair of scissors, the NUPSi can easily be shortened to the desired length.


  • The NUPSi is only compatible with the Ring variation of the Me Luna cup.
  • The NUPSi must be purchased in the same size as the Me Luna Ring cup.


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