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Me Luna® Soft

The material feels very soft and is quite easy to press together. However, most of the tension is lost compared with the Me Luna® Classic. The Soft degree of softness is very soft and barely springs back at all. The Me Luna® Soft is more difficult to insert and unfold, and requires much more dexterity and patience. If the pressure from the surrounding muscles is too strong, there is the risk that the menstrual cup will not unfold correctly inside the vagina and will not form a seal. For many women, Me Luna® Soft does not unfold properly or at all. For these reasons, we recommend the Me Luna® Soft only on rare occasions and subject to very specific conditions.

Who is Me Luna® Soft suitable for?

Me Luna® Soft has been specifically developed for women who are particularly sensitive. In this case, it is sometimes worthwhile using a very soft material and spending more time inserting and correctly unfolding the menstrual cup. In some cases, women who are particularly sensitive to pressure and pain as a result of ureteritis require a very soft menstrual cup.


A very soft menstrual cup does not offer any advantage when it comes to application or achieving a better seal.

Dimensions Size XL: greatest diameter 47mm, length 56mm without grip.

Capacity Size XL: 42ml to the brim, 30ml to the holes. The milliliter specification refers to the total capacity. A menstrual cup is not vertical in the woman's body but more or less oblique. During your period the cervix may protrudes a bit into the menstrual cup. Therefore, you may not be able to use the entire capacity, but it should serves as a reference to other menstrual cups.

Included in delivery: 1 Me Luna® Menstrual Cup, 1 Storage Bag, User manual.


Size XL is commonly used

  • by more mature women, over 30 years of age
  • by women who only use large tampons
  • by women who have heavy periods
  • by women who have had children
  • by women who use large tampons and still have to change them frequently
  • by women with weak pelvic floor muscles

Size XL is rarely used

  • by very young women
  • by women who have not had children
  • by women who only use small and regular tampons
  • by women with light to medium periods

Size XL may fit poorly

  • if you are still a virgin
  • if your cervix lies very low during menstruation
  • if you only use small tampons
  • if you have a prolapsed uterus

Soft XL Pre Order

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